Arrival – 2016

Aliens have landed on Earth, and only she can figure out how to communicate with them. Will earthlings be able to handle this Arrival?

Imagine giant alien spaceships suddenly appearing in different cities across the world. And only one woman can figure out how to communicate with them. Well, that’s exactly what Arrival is all about.

When the spaceships appear, the world turns upside down. Nobody knows why they are here, or what are they trying to say. That’s when Louis Banks (Amy Adams) comes along. She’s one of the best linguistic experts in the world, and now it’s her job to figure out the language of these new creatures.

As the movie unfolds, we see that there is so much more than just figuring out their language. As Louis starts to spend more time with those extraterrestrial beings, she realizes she is slowly discovering things that could change everything.

Amy Adams is terrific and is well complemented by Jeremy Renner.  Arrival is an excellent Sci-Fi movie that covers all the right things – aliens, mystery, scientists. But above all, it includes a plot twist so good, it will leave you hanging until the very end.

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Arrival – 2016
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