Bird Box

What could be so horrible that could make you kill yourself if you saw it?

This is probably the best horror book published in the last five years. That’s just how good Bird Box is. If you haven’t ready this one, you should. Right now. There’s something out there that’s killing everyone. And nobody knows what it is. If you see it, even for a second, it will make you kill yourself. That’s the main plot of the Bird Box. Something horrible is out there, and since it can kill you ONLY if you see him, society has decided to go blind.

In this book, we meet Malorie and her children. Malorie has survived up to that point, training herself and the kids how to rely only on their other four senses. Again, as if they were blind.

Nothing can describe the feeling of fear this book gives you. It’s amazing the author  really makes you feel the pressure and anxiety the world felt when they realized they couldn’t even see out of their own window.

The beauty of Bird box is reading it without knowing what’s all about. So go, get to it.

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Bird Box
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