Blue Moon

Blue Moon – the book where Ever almost kills everyone.

In Evermore, Damen and Ever get to know each other and finally, we see Ever becoming an immortal. Now, in Blue Moon, we meet them again, but nothing is ever easy, not even for the immortals.

They are beautiful, young, immortals and can literally manifest anything they want instantly. Yet, something is off. Ever starts noticing something is wrong with Damen, and as she is learning to control her new powers, she sees how he is slowing losing his.

Infuriatingly, he acts like he doesn’t even know her anymore. Imagine throwing your life away to spend an eternity with your soulmate only to find out that he doesn’t recognize you anymore. And you can’t even kill him! But hating requires caring. In which case, Damen couldn’t possibly hate Ever.

Blue Moon gets you wishing Damen and Ever could just be happy. If only it were that easy. But don’t you worry! Ever is trying everything to win Damen back and to restore his powers.

Will she get everything right once and for all or will she end up committing the biggest mistake of her life?

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Blue Moon
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