Bølgen (The Wave) – 2015

A film about a little tiny town and a huge wave  threatening to kill everyone.

Bølgen is a standing testimonial to great Norwegian cinema. Not to be confused with its German counterpart with a ditto name, this is a drama film about an impending tsunami threat. Now, in a race against the clock, everyone will have to evacuate.

Imagine you are living in this secluded town away from everyone. You’re a scientist, doing your typical research, nothing big. And then, you discover that a huge earthquake is about to happen. Not only that, the earthquake will unleash a huge wave that will potentially erase your hometown. Yeah, that’s pretty much what Bølgen is all about.

The thing is, although it is just a catastrophe movie, and it isn’t such a long film, it is extremely well done.  From get go, you will  feel something is off and the suspense keeps on growing as the movie heads towards the climax.

The movie packs in terrific performances and some nail-biting moments. The Wave will completely suck you into the plot and you will soon feel engulfed by the terrific narrative. A must-watch if you are chasing world cinema.

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Bølgen (The Wave) – 2015
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