Brave – 2012

Brave is a Disney princess movie that doesn’t revolve around a love interest.

Before Frozen even existed, there was Brave. Back in 2012, when this movie came out, Disney proved to everyone that they can make great princess movies without having them fall in love. And boy, did it change the fairy tale scene from then on!

Brave tells the story of Merida. She’s a princess and part of the Scottish regal family. Since she’s the oldest of the four siblings, she is expected to carry the family name forward, and marry someone to keep peace in the kingdom. The thing is, Merida isn’t the happily-ever-after type of girl. She couldn’t care less about royalty, the crown or marrying. All Merida really wants is to be free and enjoy her life. But of course, she can’t and has to fulfill her royal duties. And her mom constantly reminds her of this burdensome truth.

Brave is about family and how sometimes our relationship with them can be difficult, specially with a parent. Disney really wanted to make a point with this movie, and they delivered perfectly. You’ll want to hug your mom right after you finish watching this film.

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Brave – 2012
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