Clerks – 1994

‘Hilarious’ and ‘ROFL’ are understatements.

Nothing can be better for Dante and Randall; they are paid for idling away as clerks at a convenience store and movie rental store. But heck, even that can get boring after some time, right? So when they are not too busy bugging clients or arguing over movies, they shut down and play hockey on the rooftop.

Dante wakes up to discover that he has to work on his off day. A series of confusions, girlfriends, exes and fights clog his day. Two slackers, Jay and Silent Bob, peddling marijuana by their store, doesn’t help either.

Writer-director Kevin ‘Silent Bob’ Smith has brought to screen something that is totally offbeat, unique and incredibly slapstick. Brian O’Halloran as Dante and Jeff Anderson as Randall form a funny duo in the lead. The expletive-spitting Jason ‘Jay’ Mewes gives you the stitches with his, well, expletive-ridden comments.  Don’t miss the scene where Randall arrives late to open his store, takes a wager with the waiting customer and does his epic walk into Dante’s store.

If you are a slacker, you will love Clerks. If you aren’t, you will most likely become one! Highly recommended!

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Clerks – 1994
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