Darkest Hour – 2017

Somebattles fought in the parliament are as heroic as the ones fought in the battlegrounds.

Move aside Christopher Nolan, Joe Wright is here. Dunkirk gave the viewers a glimpse of what actually happened on the battlefront and the heroism of the military and the civilians who came to the rescue. But Darkest Hour portrays a hitherto untold side of the story that merits as much recognition as the one on the battlefield.

Darkest Hour starts with an aging Churchill assuming the Prime Ministership of UK at the brink of defeat. Hitler’s indefatigable forces are on the verge of certain victory. The entire British military lies cornered at Dunkirk and the full responsibility lies on Churchill’s shoulders. And that’s when he does the unthinkable – of mobilizing civilian boats to rescue the military.

Gary Oldman is unbelievably good in his portrayal of Churchill. His bumbling, mumbling and lard-jiggling portrayal of the minister is a delight to watch. The plot is gripping despite a complete absence of gun battles. The movie packs some hilarious moments when it is not profoundly inspiring.

Darkest Hour is very likely to be the Brightest Hour in Oldman’s career at the Oscar 2018.

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Darkest Hour – 2017
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