El libro de la Vida – 2014

Sometimes our lives, and our destiny are controlled by something bigger than us.

What if your life is controlled by two Mexican gods? The only thing is, you don’t know about it. That’s pretty much the plot of El Libro de la Vida. This animated movie is truly a wonderful tale that everyone should see at least once.

The plot begins with two Mexican gods casting their eyes on three friends. Joaquín, Manolo and María. Apart from running the world, the gods don’t have much to do so they decide to place a bet – they wanna see who Maria will end up with.  Not wanting to stay out, the god of death cheats his way in. And that’s when the real problem starts.

El Libro de la Vida is an animated film with some real metaphorical gyan. It’s fun to see how everything unfolds during the movie. And why the gods want to win so bad. But ultimately, the movie is all about Joaquín, María and Manolo.

For all those who think destiny is pre-written in the stars etc, watch this movie. It teaches you to fight for what you believe in, and the ones you love.

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El libro de la Vida – 2014
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