History Is All You Left Me

This book will make you incredibly sad, but also very happy. It’s kinda complicated.

History Is All You Left Me is the cutest book you’ll ever read. And that’s just a fact. Sure, it will make you cry a lot, but in the best way possible.  This book is a story about love. About the most pure kind of it. You see, it tells the story about Theo and Griffin, two boys that were once in love, until they broke up.

But the thing is, Theo has died. And now Griffin has to learn how to deal with his grief all by himself. Or, he could reach out to Theo’s formal boyfriend. After all, they’re the only two persons who will get each other. History Is All You Left Me is a book that teaches you about how big love can be. And how it really doesn’t end even when one person dies.

It is, in many ways, a really pure book. Adam Silvera found a way to teach everyone how wonderful love can be, and how brutal heartbreak can also be. And he did so by telling the most heart-filing love story ever.

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History Is All You Left Me
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