Memoir of a Murderer

A terrific film with equal parts action and emotion. 

The only thing that Byung-su is sure of in life is that he suffers from Alzheimer’s. The onset of the disease is blurring the lines between reality and imagination for Byung-su.  Wouldn’t have been much of a problem. Only, he is a serial killer. Or rather vaguely remembers that he was one. But was he? That is the plot of Memoir of a Murderer.

Life is as normal as it can be for someone with receding memories until he has a car collision. Byung-su finds blood in the boot of the car and when the other driver refuses to share details, he records the number of the car. Is this the guy who is responsible for the recent murders of single women? 

Turns out, the guy is a cop and to Byung-su’s great displeasure, starts dating his daughter. Byung-su has no way of remembering the truth thanks to his Alzheimer. With a blurring, every fading memory he now has to save his daughter from mortal peril. Or is he himself the one endangering his daughter’s life?

MOAM is an epic thriller that promises to rock your screen time.

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Memoir of a Murderer
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