A brutally exciting watch, doused with Indian masala.

Amazon Prime has dropped a gem in India with this series. Mirzapur, a small city in North India is characterized by lawlessness and the head of it all, Kaaleen Bhaiyya (Pankaj Tripathi), is the undisputed Don Corleone. From high-ranking police officers to ministers, Kaaleen Bhaiyya has them under his thumb.

Munna Bhaiyya, Kaaleen’s only son, has the world given to him on a platter. He is at his best when he is bloodying others. When one such accidental killing goes out of hand and a lawyer finally takes up the case against Munna, he decides to intimidate the lawyer by staging a show of force with his henchman. Only, the whole episode takes a further downturn as Munna’s two-penny gangsters are bested by two unanticipated rivals – the lawyers’ sons

Shamed and hurt, Munna seeks vengeance from his father but Kaaleen Bhaiyya sees potential in the two young lads and recruits them! What follows is a melee of Gangs of Wasseypur-like gore, gang rivalry, and love.

Mirzapur is a terrific series that is just perfect for a lazy weekend binge-watch.

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