NieR : Automata

NieR : Automata fuses PlatinumGames’ mastery of stylish action with an impressive story. Far more impressive than it appears on first look.

NieR : Automata’s dystopian story line is about 2B and 9S, YoRHa androids sent to a ruined earth. Mankind is no longer in control of the planet’s affairs and alien-sent robots are now in charge. Certain events that unfolded in the previous installment are key to the developments in this one.

The exciting part about this sequel is the  psychological transformation of the android protagonists and antagonists into what you might call ‘developing a conscience’. That notwithstanding, there are a total of 26 endings and epilogues and the whole plot runs through multiple playthroughs (NG+).

Keiichi Okabe’s music in this game is simply genius. The player experiences an enormous level of emotional connect with the game; no surprises if you use the NieR soundtrack while playing other games or play this only for the sake of the music!

NieR: Automata combines stylish combat, mind-blowing settings, and an amazing fan service. A must-play installment in the Drakengard series if you are serious about action RPGs.

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NieR : Automata
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