Okuribito – 2008

Okuribito is the finest take on the theme of death.

Okuribito opens on a wintery Tokyo morning, with Daigo Kobayashi, a concert cellist, playing in an orchestra. The impressive performance fails to impress the owner of the orchestra as the seats remain unfilled in the auditorium. And soon Daigo decides to move back to his village, looking for a new job.

Daigo and his wife take to the rustic life in his parental home easily. Luckily enough, there is an ad in the newspaper looking for candidates who can “help with journeys”. After the world’s shortest interview, Daigo lands the job. Little does he know that his job involves encoffination – requiring him to cleanse and dress dead bodies before their final journey.

Despite the macabre nature of the job, Daigo finds his calling in it. Much against his wife’s and friends’ admonitions, he sticks to his new-found metier because he discovers a sense of fulfillment and respect in it.

The emotional drama that unfolds, the little flashbacks, and the smaller stories are incredibly moving. Okuribito is the finest movie made on death and definitely one that you should watch before you embark on your final journey.

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Okuribito – 2008
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