Snowpiercer – 2013

Imagine all humanity living on the same train. And you’re trapped in the ugly part of it.

When Snowpiercer came out back in 2013, it presented an original premise. Imagine the world has gone into another ice era. Humans can’t survive the cold temperatures, and everyone is confined to a train. That’s basically the plot of this film.

The thing is, the train, or the Snowpiercer, is a technology masterpiece. It was made to go around the world and never stop, keeping everyone inside safe and sound. But, not everyone is safe inside. You’ll see, there are the rich people, living in the fore part of the train. And the poor people, living in the back.

Snowpiercer shows the struggle of a working class trying to survive the injustices meted upon them. And as the story unfolds, we follow along Curtis Everett (Chris Evans), as he tries to make it to the richer side of the train.

This movie, although a Sci-Fi one, shows how quickly people can lose their humanity. It gives a great portrait of how humans would react if something remotely similar to that ever gets to happen in real life.

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Snowpiercer – 2013
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