An exciting adventure of underwater survival in a beautiful and dangerous world.

Subnautica is one of the exciting releases of this year. It is a well-designed concept and the visuals are extremely captivating.  The game’s been developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, a small North American studio. They launched the title in Early Access for Steam more than four years ago and they now offer its final version.

The starting point of the story places us on the planet 4546B, an alien and unexplored world in which our ship has crashed. And we are the only survivors.  Although the narrative tells us an interesting story, we are free to proceed at our pace at all times. It has the usual collection mechanics. So players can collect all kinds of resources from the sea bed to survive in the capsule.

Subnautica is not just a videogame of survival, collection and construction. It’s a proposal that has managed to perfectly blend this interesting playable layer. It has a huge, lively and content-rich environment that constantly encourages players to continue exploring and invest time in contemplating what surrounds us.

So get ready to put your survival skills to test!

More Info: GameSpot | Buy: Steam.

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