The Midnight Star

Adelina used to fight the evil inside her. Now she’s the queen of darkness.

If you thought you have read it all in The Young Elites, and The Rose Society, get ready for The Midnight Star. This is the final book of the series, and boy… is it good.

By now, we have already seen Adelina Amouteru fight the darkness inside her. The same darkness that lies in her own destructive – yet amazing power. The same one that is slowly destroying everything she has done so far. The things is, Adelina isn’t the only one affected.

The Midnight Star is a book that follows along all the plots we’ve seen in the previous books. But it also throws in one more plot twist that will change the way you look at everything that has happened to all the Elites.

Of course, The Midnight Star is a fast-paced, action-packed book. But, this one is way more centered on the characters and how much they have grown throughout the story so far, especially Adelina.

This book is really the perfect denouement to the entire saga. And it ends it all with a great, kinda bitter-sweet finale.

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The Midnight Star
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