The Rose Society

Adelina Amouteru is no longer a weak girl. She’s stronger than ever, and ready to kill everyone who wronged her.

If you liked The Young Elites, then you’ll love The Rose Society even more. This book introduces you to an even darker Adelina than you could’ve ever imagined.¬†Adelina has betrayed The Dagas and is off to find her own group of powerful elites. She isn’t looking for friends, not even a group. She only wants to use them as an army to kill Teren, the Queen, and claim her power.

But the real reason The Rose Society is so good is because it shows us a much darker, yet human, side of Adelina Amouteru.

Now, it has been pretty clear from the start that Adelina is no hero. She’s evil but one you can sympathize with. As you progress, you see her struggle with the force insider her, how she really wants to push the darkness away but she just can’t.

The Rose Society is everything you look for in a sequel. It’s full of adventure, great plot twists, and even more amazing characters that shape the rest of the story.

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The Rose Society
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