Top 5 father son movies

Here are 5 movies that bring out the unique bond shared between a father and son

5. Big Fish – A son’s attempt at understanding his father, who he thinks has told him fairy tales about the latter’s journey in life. A story where fact and fiction merge beautifully. Or do they merge? Or are they beautiful?

4. 3:10 to Yuma – When a notorious gangster enters the town where your father, your hero, is the only policeman who can/has to/better stop him, what happens? Set in a Western, this is a delightful watch with Russell Crowe as the gangster and Christian Bale as the police officer father. 

3. Life is Beautiful – Roberto Benigni and his tomfoolery in the Nazi camp pretending to his son that it is all a game slaps you in the face with the obvious irony.

2. Babam ve Oglum – Make-up not advised while watching this movie. A simple, clean story that tugs at your heartstrings.  Read a detailed review here.

1. The Kid – Despite having no dialogues and being decades old, no other movie can beat this. The story, the soundtrack, and the performances are terrific. The scene of the tussle with the police on the rooftops is Chaplin at his very best.