Top 4 reasons why DC is better than Marvel

A contentious claim we bet. What do you think?

DC is better than Marvel for the following reasons:

  1. DC has a far better concept and storyline. The background to every story and most characters is appealing. Superman’s Kryptonian origin is a tale in itself. Marvel falls short of this background and most superheroes have very little background story.
  2. Most Marvel “superheroes” are either a failed experiment or based on Greek mythology unlike DC superheroes like Superman or Batman who are simply authentic creations. Superman looks more credible as a vigilante/saviour than say a Hulk, who is a freak.
  3. Gross under-portrayal of supporting characters in the Marvel Universe.  While every instalment gets a new superhero with some absurd ability, not much development is seen in the portrayals of persistent supporting characters like Nick Fury. In DC, the supporting characters are integral to the development of the plot. Lois Lane (LoLa), and Alfred are heroes by themselves.
  4.  Where are the super-villains who are integral to the tension in a plot? DC has a whole range of them who keep both Batman and Superman on their toes – Penguin and Lex Luthor to name just two. And The Joker just changes the game totally!