Who will win the Oscars 2018??

PinchLines takes a stab at predicting the Oscar winners 2018 across most prominent categories.

With less than 24 hours to go, here is an attempt at predicting the likely Oscar winners of the year. It is not easy to think like the jury . Because, duh! Leonardo DiCaprio! So we suspended all common sense, technicalities, and even popular opinion and came up with this list.

Film: Three Billboards is very likely to bag this. A good plot with some great performances and editing, this is likely to be a multibagger at this years Oscars.

Actor: Gary Oldman. Possible contention from Daniel Day-Lewis.

Actress: No other category is as decisive as this one. Frances MacDormand will be the top favorite and the most likely nominee to win this.

Supporting Actor/Actress: This is a process of elimination. Woody Harrelson’s best, The Glass Castle isn’t nominated so Richard Jenkins may win. Allison Janney is the most likely winner in the female category

Director: Del Toro. Del Toro. Del Toro.

Foreign language: The Square is really impressive but Una Mujer Fantastica is likely to impress the jury

Animated: The best film in this category never wins. So Coco it is!

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